Dear Church Family;

As God opens 2016, for us, I believe God’s intension is for this to be the best year so far in our lives. But as many of us look back into 2015, it may be hard to comprehend how this year could be so different for us.

That becomes the challenge for us. For us to begin this year with an anticipation of God’s Goodness (Glory) breaking through in our lives, our families, our church family and in the communities that God has placed us.

Jesus told Mary after that Lazarus had died ‘If you can believe, you will see the Glory of God’! And wow, did she, and it has become a standing principle in the lives of all believers for all time. If I can believe it, God can do it. If I will simple believe, I will see the Glory of God’s miraculous power, changing me, mine, where I am, where I will be and my forever future!

My challenge this year is to believe that things can and will be different. To believe God’s Goodness has been prepared for me, for this time. I have got to get my faith up, my confessions up, my ‘looking’ up and I have got to ‘come up’ to a higher level of faith and expectancy if I am truly going to see the Glory of God manifesting in my life in 2016.

So, with that in mind, the devotions for our 21 Days of fasting and prayer have been designed to help us all ‘Come Up’. I encourage you to take each of the 3 weekly devotions and give yourself to digesting it into your spirit, by reading it, then studying it, then praying it, followed by confessing these Powerful Truths into your life.

These devotions have the Power of Change in them, so dig in and allow God to expand your horizons of faith and belief to a much higher level so God then can do for and in us more than ever before. Remember Jesus words in John 11, ‘If I can believe, I will see the Glory of God’.


Your friends and pastors;

Jerry & Elaine, Stephen & Indya and your Victory Leaders